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Animal Trapping and Removal
Let us protect your home or business

As property development and wildlife habits collide, unwanted animal intrusion is bound to happen. Depending on the animal there is a risk of property damage, disturbance of peace and health risks to you and your family and/or clients. When this happens to you and you want quick, effective and humane removal of wildlife from your property, Back to the Forest can help with all forms of Animal Control, Removal and Trapping.  There’s no area on your property our professionally-trained trappers can’t reach. Lake County Animal Control is our Specialty.  We are experienced at trapping only the target animals. Once the target animal is trapped they can secure the area to prevent unwanted intrusions in the future.  Worried about other animals, including pets, triggering the traps? We only set traps to capture the target pest or pests. One simple example, a raccoon is living in your attic and you want him out. Back to the Forest will set traps in the attic or on the roof. Traps on the ground might capture non-target animals, which wouldn’t rid you of the raccoon in your attic.


Some of the animals we remove





Animal control tips
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